Interactive Art Installation

You need to be two

Thalios is a two person experience.
To learn to get to know yourself or each other is what the project aims to reach. As surprising as it could be, we all have common features… But the real point is to know : which one ?

Musée Picasso

iOS Mobile Application

Discover while playing

This application was made and produced for the reopening of the Musée National Picasso Paris. Three approaches are proposed : The Picasso pieces of art, the life of the artist and the learning of the museum professions (including restoration, maintenance, and the hanging of the works)

Symptomatic Orchestra

Interactive Art Installation

The virus as a vector

Symptomatic Orchestra invits the visitor to integrate a graphic and musical ecosystem, to interact with it, to observe, to listen… In this hybrid environment, both digital and living, the visitor can choose to create a virus with an emotional strenght and a unique personality that belongs to one of the three family of the ecosystem.

MFG Labs

Miscellaneous interactive design made at MFG Labs agency.

A design for data

MFG Labs is a agency based in paris, specialized in data strategy, data science and the mathematical research. Today, the agency designs applications and web services based on the social web and the massive data. I have worked there as a interactive designer, I present the work i have done there below.


E-commerce Web Design

For the cachemire

Kujten is a 100% Cachemire shop located rue du Commerce in Paris. The textile material is directly imported there from Mongolia, that’s why the name of the brand « Kujten »
is a reference to the highest mongol peak «  Kujten Uul ».

Design Culinaire

Hand-craft Edition

Stéphane Bureaux

This book was designed and produced to present the work of the culinary designer Stéphane Bureaux. This idea took birth from a personal desire. To create a book-object that brings some knowledge about the cooking design in which we manipulate the paper in the way the designer uses and crafts his food.

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Hey ! I'm Julie

A 26 years old interactive designer, in Paris

I like to think my design with lights and colors, in a sweet and off the wall universe in the service of interfaces and interactive art installations. I work with illustration, photography, animation, mix mediums. I'm currently working in freelance from Paris.

  • MFG-Labs

    2014 Interactive Designer

  • Vente Privée

    2013 Graphic Designer

  • FCinq

    2012 Creative Project Manager

  • Les Gobelins

    2012-2014 Interactive Design

  • Les Gobelins

    2011-2012 Project Management

  • Le Corbusier

    2009-2011 Editorial Design

  • Photoshop

    Frequently For retouch, photo-montage, UI

  • Sketch

    Frequently For UI, responsive design

  • After Effect

    Usually For motion, interface animations

  • Work experiences
  • Education
  • Daily Materials